4GM's InfoMeasure Package

Includes a measuring engine, a visualisation platform, a framework and experts providing the following measures






How well you lead or manage your business can be related to how much insight you have to the important performance measures that drive your profit.

At 4GM we have built "InfoMeasure" (a Performance Measuring solution) that provide insights to the most challenging but powerful measures that Leaders and Managers require to make Evidence Based Decisions.

As well as a powerful performance measuring engine, we have a rich set of dashboards with interactive insight to key Performance Information. InfoMeasure is easy to commission and easy to use and can be customised to suit your needs.

We have built our solution above a world class BI Platform. We use your data. It is also customisable. You can expand on the solution and platform for broader insights that your management and leadership team may require.

InfoMeasure has targeted insight and analysis of the following:

  • Value Measuring

  • Cost to Serve Measuring

  • Utilisation Measuring (Teams, people, equipment/infrastructure)

  • Productivity Measuring

  • Inventory Analysis

  • Customer Analytics  

The 80/20 rules - Where you spend most of your time and money – what Clients, what Activity Types, etc – what % - know your 80/20 rules and focus on the 20% that drives 80%.

You need to know the cost and true value of Customers or your Products and Services:

You to need to know what variables/measures drive your primary KPI measures.

You need to see trends in Performance of Workers, Roles, Clients, Location Areas in terms of productivity or utilisation.

Value, Cost-to-Serve and Revenue Measures per Customer 

Productivity Measuring

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