Your organisation may have many systems and valuable data assets it can access. But how do you utilise this data and transform it into Business Intelligence. Your business needs better insight into what is performing well and what is not, so it can improve business performance.

4GM are specialists in this field.

  • We work with you to identify the Information of benefit for your organisation to Measure and Visualise

  • We access the multiple data sources required as input for measures and analysis

  • We design the most suitable centralised Reporting structures

  • We design how data will be transformed from its original data source to a central reporting structure (in order to define what you need to measure (Facts) and what you need to measure by (Dimensions) )

The following enable us to provide the above to our Customers: 

  • Senior Business Analyst services

  • Project Management

  • Performance Measuring expertise

  • Specialists in BI, ETL, Data Warehouse design

  • Well chosen and best practice platforms, methodologies and systems

  • A culture built around passion, care with constant focus on Business Improvement outcomes

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